Officiating. Gotta be kidding me.

I know it’s not their faults, but the officiating for the Denver-Atlanta game was a disgrace. A complete and utter abomination of classic, mistake-free football.

I mean, taking 8 minutes to decide a fumble recovery/on-field bar fight? Even Phil Luckett would have had that sussed in a minute or two. And don’t even get me started on the longest first quarter ever. A friggin hour??? Now I have to say, get it together.

Peyton Manning on his knees in a “C’mon, seriously/?!”
moment from the game. Officiating was in the gutter
all game.

Now, needless to say, I’m not sure I could do even close to a decent job filling in the way these guys are holding up. You have to admit, it doesn’t look like a fun job to get right. At the end of the day, one side or the other will hate you, even when you make the right call.

But as a manager at the cafe I work at, it’s crucial to focus on the profitability of the business and not he said/she said. In the same way, referees (especially the scab ones) have to focus on the integrity of the game they’re deciding and not on what the coaches, players, and commentators say under their breath and right in their faces.

If you made a mistake calling an extra timeout, don’t hesitate to ask someone if that was the case. Don’t turn it into a double timeout trying to figure it out. If you made a mistake calling a fumble recovery, don’t hesitate to send it upstairs for further analysis. It’s easier to live with yourself and get the call right, than miss it and potentially change the fortunes of either or both teams.

Here’s to hoping that the league swallows their pride with these negotiations sooner rather than later.

Tweets from the game:

31m Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82
NFL officiating reaches new depths on MNF

1h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

My fantasy team is starting to give me a headache… #frustrated #someonetradewithme #whydidntikeepcjspiller

6h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

Loving the human dressing room for Matt Ryan’s knee brace adjustment. #goodthinking #iwouldnthavethoughtofthat

7h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

Manning throws 3TD’s in the fourth quarter to lead Denver to a 28-27 comeback win…wouldn’t that be something, haha. #clutch #dreaming #nfl

7h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

This Atlanta defense could be one of the best this season. Looking good so far!

7h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

I wonder how much more competitive this game would have been with proper officiating. #wecanonlyimagine #nfl #whatcouldhavebeen

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

I’m sick to my stomach watching the officiating here. #DENvsATL

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

What a catch by Thomas! Inexperience? Ha!

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

@MikePereira let’s hope the next two and a half minutes don’t take another hour.

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

And now the no-huddle comes in. Way to be late to the game, Denver. #DENvsATL #finally

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

Mike Tirico says, “Matt Ryan is looking like Peyton Manning.” #offense #explosive #beautiful

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

Denver needs to let Peyton Manning do his thing, run the offense in no-huddle! At this point, it IS a dire sitch and no huddle would work

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

@AshleyMFox I’m not sure they ever gained the players respect from the start

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

What was supposed to be the most hyped game of the season is turning into a mess #ridiculous #seriously #gettingtiredofthis

8h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

There must be a record for “Longest Time Taken to Decide a Fumble”. This is embarassing. #cmonman

9h Arneet Singh ‏@aceing82

@MikePereira I wrote it in my blog how sick of this I am so, no, you’re not alone.

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