Quick Thoughts

Some random thoughts on some or all of the games…depending on how productive I feel.

1) The 49ers are in no way the Super Bowl favorite after three weeks of football. Not because they lost to the Vikings, but because it’s only been three weeks of freaking football.

2) Christian Ponder looked good! He wasn’t perfect, but he was a leader.

3) The Bengals defense looks like the Saints’ from 2009: Not looking to make all the stops, just the ones that  win games.

4) Speaking of New Orleans, they’re 0-3. Hey, that’s my record with women this week!…Not sure if that really deserved an exclamation point.

5) Jake Locker is a wild card on his own. He’s fantastic one week, a liability the next (“liability”! That’s the word I wanted to used for Ponder, he wasn’t one of them things). Oh well, Tennessee: take what you get. Don’t switch back to Hasselbeck too quickly.

6) I’m not sure whether the Jets should be considered decent…or lucky…TEBOW. Let the record show, Tebow’s name actually came up on this blog. Oops, there it is again! Silly blogger, Tebow’s for running!

7) Randomly, I thought about Zoolander officiating a game: “Hey, you! In the helmet! You’re not too good-looking! I’m going to throw this yellow rag at you because you’re not good-looking, and it hurts my really, really, ridiculously good-looking face to look at yours!” *flashes Magnum at the camera, and all is forgotten*

8) This week was the first time since 2010 that there were three or more overtime games played in a single week.

9) Cardinals legit? The defense seems stifling by the box score. But despite the 3-0 start, somehow I still don’t believe that it will hold up. Korn-on-the-Kolb will falter soon, I know it!…I may be eating my words soon.

10) Will seems to think the Jets are a potential sleeper. Tweet your take on how wrong he is @aceing82. Scale of 1-10, a weird photo of you with a sign saying how fail the pick is, whatever works.

11) I also won a bet against Will in the Denver vs. Atlanta game. Just for the record. IN YOUR FACE! MUAHAHAHA.

12) There’s a chill blowing in New England. The chill of 1-2. HOW WILL THEY GET THEMSELVES OUT OF THAT?? Tom Brady is god, remember?

13) There’s more to this Rams team than just a transition to a new coaching staff. Sam Bradford seems to be maturing and is working out what he needs to do to be successful regardless of the system.

14) There isn’t a single team in this league who is at par with the Houston Texans. My Super Bowl pick is sticking to it strong!

15) There is no 15.

Any ideas for a topic that should be discussed? Tweet it to @aceing82 and we’ll do our best not to screw it up!


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