Rant about Romo

Hey Guys,

Yesterday I decided to watch the Cowboys v Bears game. I’m a loose supporter of the Dallas Cowboys and frankly I’m pissed off.

Tony Romo is the most over exaggerated quarterback I have ever witnessed. He has little to no skill at the QB position. I would almost, ALMOST, give a more elite quarterback listing to one Kevin Kolb. At least, he can win a game!

To put this in perspective, let’s break down Romo’s game against Chicago.

Quarter 1:
Probably his most productive quarter. No score just a nice total of 37 yards passing and a -7 yard sack which truely I can’t necessarily blame him for but jeez man throw the damn ball…wait on second thought, don’t!

Quarter 2:
In this quarter Tony threw a nice string of passes and a touchdown. Things were looking up for the Cowboys, but that’s the usual isn’t it? Tony Romo is never happy with an ‘easy’ game, throwing his first interception of the night out of a spectacular 5 picks (this one in particular a Tillman touchdown)! I don’t know why the Cowboys persist with this obvious losing QB.

Quarter 3:
Wow. This quarter is impressive for all the wrong reasons. Cutler throws a very impressive pass to Hester for a score to put some pressure on Romo to produce the game he is sometimes famed for (clutch when he sometimes is). However of course we are talking about the NFL’s favourite choker. He is so…not clutch. Throws to anyone but his own players. With Lance Briggs and Major Wright reaping the benefits in this quarter. Briggs of course ran 74 yards for a strong Defensive touchdown. Tony Romo has thrown more points for the opposing team…

Quarter 4:
Then we get to the fourth quarter. Well, Tony, take a bow. He throws a further two interceptions this quarter resulting in his retreat from the field and step forward Kyle Orton. Which to put insult to injury throws the final touchdown in the game and a two point conversion to boot. Romo is so bad he had to be substituted for the Cowboys to go anywhere, but backward…in garbage time!

I don’t care about his stats, I don’t care about his personality and I definitely don’t care about him. Tony Romo, leave the Cowboys. You’re making Dallas look worse than what they deserve to be. Eight interceptions in four weeks. Torrents of awful, AWFUL, losing seasons.

Romo, you suck!

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