Weekly Chat from Arneet and Will

October 8
depends does borderlands 2 count as busy?
hahaha…no. What’s your take on the Panthers?
trying to figure out where they’re headed is painful
well if your QB and WR are duking it out
then you’re really not gonna flourish
oh ironically it’s the sophomore slump
no one wanted it
but defenses have tuned to Newton
and the Panthers are not good enough Pass and Run Blockers to protect him
and so other defenses are just ending them
do they make it over .500?

i’m honestly going to say no
same, I keep hoping that Newton will grow up a bit and tune himself like a veteran, but he’s so childish and he plays the game like it’s all about him. Auburn spoiled him
So I’m thinking they underachieve and go 7-9
I reckon that’s being nice.
there’s a player in the NRL right now
Shaun Johnson
EXACTLY the same problem
he’s a selfish player
he has potential?
Oh acres of it
i’ll show you
check him put
he’s got so much potential but he squanders it with selfish play
now give me a second
holy s**t
yeah man he’s got it all
I reckon it’s the coach
you mean with shaun williams?
no Cam Newton
there’s a type of coach that allows too much of a player and lets him take control
not enough equality in the locker room, they’ve put him on a pedestal
you know who it sounds familiar to?
santonio holmes?
mike vick?
remember back i think it was 09 or 10 they sang his praises NON STOP
deep passer
quick decisions
now look at the guy
he can barely complete his own dinner
Yeah, he was good for like, one season at USC
yeah man it’s a joke
then all of a sudden he was a f*****g godsend for the jets
i totally agreed with your article
“oh we’re so lucky he FELL to us at number 5”
f**k that
i never thought i’d miss the guy
but omg he is just wasted on the Jets
What I figure is this:
If he supplanted Kyle Orton in Denver…
…why can’t he be an upgrade over Sanchez in New York?
oh preaching to the choir
Sanchez isn’t nearly the player Orton is
And I wouldn’t have Sanchez as more than a decent back up
he had a good start to his career going to the AFC Championship game twice, but it was riding on the back of a stalwart defense
he’d be the 3rd string on the Cardinals!
I’d take Skelton over him, for sure
Yeah Revis was in his prime
i’d take skelton with one arm over him
haha, the cards would have to if they had him with the way kolb is getting hit these days
but yeah, Tebow can make that offense look like it’s the niners run game
carrying these guys to the end
oh man he’s actually a good player
i mean he beat the steelers in OT in the playoffs
he throws terribly but the charisma he brings to the game actually puts points on the board
he runs his teams out of trouble
it’s an incredible power to have
im not sure there’s another player in the league like him
maybe RG3 one day, but not yet
…speaking of RG3, guess who’s not the top scoring fantasy player in our league now???
well Victor Cruz with a 23
that’s fine
i can live with it
pfft not for long
im the top scorer dude
ohhhh, for verrrrrry long
dude you wait
just need RG3 to come up against the Oakland Raiders
and i’ll be rolling in points
he’s concussed bro, we’ll see if they clear him first
well i’ve got Alex Smith for backup
so we’ll be good for a week off
who is another underrated player
not after this week
that offense if off the chi-zain
i know!
300 passing AND 300 rushng??? lock them in for the number 2 seed if Atlanta stays undefeated
oh Atlanta will burn out
i reckon they’ll go 14-2
their first loss is coming up
i can sense it
haha, they’ve got a soft schedule bro
especially considering how weak the NFC South is
same as the Texans
what a joke of a conference
the AFC is shit this year, it’s crazy
haha, who dafuq is Blaine Gabbert?
I like their uniforms though…
Blaine Gabbert is the worst QB in the NFL right now
worse than Sanchez
i suggest you save that title for…oh, idk, mike vick?
this guy is actually impossible to watch
good point but Mike Vick wins some games
Blaine Gabbert has Jones-Drew that he can lean on
he doesn’t
he has a promising new reciever
who he doesn’t throw to
and not because he chooses others
it’s because he physically can’t
he is incapable of the basics of QB play
you, sir, may have a new article on your hands
Vick v Gabbert for the Discont Double GET THE HELL OUT!
ok looking through the Falcons schedule
that’s bulls**t man
there’s a line between good play and downright cheating
and they’ve rigged that schedule
i’m positive
see what i’m saying???
dude that’s ridiculous
the Falcons can easily go 10, 11, even 12-0 with the way they’re playing
they’re probs playing like s**t
it’s just the other teams are that much worse
I suppose…do they have the seahawks?
don’t think so
because if both the falcons AND seahawks barely slid by the panthers, i’d like to see them head to head
…i guess we’ll have to wait for the playoffs
haha wishful thinking
i don’t think Seattle will surpass the Conference this year
too early for Wilson to get such accolades
right, but that D and Marshawn Lynch could make them the Jets from 09 and 10
think about it bro
if they open up the playbook, i know this kid is going to make people pay for doubting him and his size, including me
i’d never doubt a qb by size
but they are up against 49ers
and the Cards
i just don’t like their chances this year
the cards are the cards. with kolb getting hit like he is, seattle’s defense is going to blow them wide open
the niners…ill admit, they’re tough. But the hawks are different from the doormats they used to be
but dude Marshwan Lynch is gonna go NOWHERE against them
and Russell Wilson will be under enormous pressure
and he’s too inexpeienced to take it
I reckon they’re pretty identical that way
the only thing is that russell wilson has legs, unlike kolb
and kolb may be taller, but who passes well against our secondary these days anyways??
we’ve stuffed newton, rodgers, romo, skelton, and bradford
that’s not that bad a list if you think about it
yeah fair enough
well it’s a wait and see thing but i don’t think he’s got the mental capacity to dig himself out of a hole
idk, he’s a tough kid
he’s a Sagittarius
so am i
so hmm
tough call
we all are
that’s why I like him hahahaha
yeah man
same as Aaron Rodgers
and Philip Rivers
and DeSean Jackson
ugh, desean jackson
that muddles the list a bit
sure he’s not a cusp scorpio?
december 1
same as Terrell Owens
december 7
same as me
that’s a sadly muddled list
just like the sign
they go to war and fall out with people
and it’s all the same
haha, you lost me, but ok
i explain better in person
Mike Vick would have thrown another three interceptions and fumbled twice more by now
meh he’s mecurial
some days he’s awful
some days he
he’s good
i mean look at Peyton Manning
3 Int consecutively
true bro
Gabbert is worse than cancer
he doesn’t throw interceptions because he can’t throw close to the defence
he can barely throw over his own O-Line
they oughta go for Matt Barkely
Hell Justin Blackmon could throw to himself better
alright, i’ll be taking off now
loving the 8 am starts
laters man
see ya

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