The Big Five: Week 13

Playtime is over! The real tests of the potential wild card teams starts right here and for the next five weeks we’ll be seeing a major Battle Royale take place in both conferences. For the AFC, it’s the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Miami Dolphins all gearing up for a final five-game push to grab the fifth and sixth seeds in the conference. 

Now, that’s all fine and dandy. But the NFC is heating up like no other.

The Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, AND the Minnesota Vikings all have legitimate (though some more mathematically reliant) shots at the final two seeds of the conference. The NFC North has become the powerhouse division in the league and has the potential to send three teams into the playoffs, while the NFC East is less clear with the New York Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys all in positions to fight for every last win to outdo their rivals.

Ladies and Gentleman, let the rough-housin’ and beer sippin’ begin. Sit back, silence your cellphones, and enjoy the show.

Here are the top five big things to keep an eye on during the week’s games:

1) There isn’t a single person in America who thinks the Eagles are still a good team. Look for them to suck more.

Seriously, there’s no way Andy Reid can pull wins out of his over-sized sphincter and keep his job now. There’s just no realistic scenario that can play out now which would result in Reid keeping his head coaching job. Quarterback Michael Vick, running back LeSean McCoy, wide receiver DeSean Jackson, and defensive end Jason Babin are no longer going to be factors in any potential success for Philadelphia going forward, the first two being injured, Jackson having been put on injured reserve and ending his season, and Babin having been waived. Reid’s all out of options, and I have no doubt he’ll be out of a job at the end of Week 17 in late December.

It’s sad really. Reid’s been one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. He’ll definitely be sought after by teams in need of coordinators and potentially head coaches. Good luck to you, sir, and godspeed.

2) Jacksonville recently made a change at quarterback from Blaine “No Gain on the Play” Gabbert to Chad Henne. Look for Head Coach Mike Mularkey to try to save his job on the shoulders of Henne.

I’m just going to say this outright: I love the new uniforms. I have since they came out. Denver, Seattle, Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Detroit have all moved into the future of jerseys and I love it. Still a fan of classics like the Packers and the Bears, but DAYUM. Some of these new uni’s are killing it out there! …But I digress.

Chad Henne, since moving under center for Gabbert against Houston, has been an offensive spark that the Jaguars haven’t had since 2010. Everyone is benefiting: WR’s Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts III, tight end Marcedes Lewis, running back Rashad Jennings, and believe it or not their head coach is loving his chances at returning next year because of Henne. Hell, Chad hasn’t played two full games yet, but he’s adding a downfield dimension to an offense that has been severely lacking a big play aspect with Gabbert. Yes, Jacksonville will absolutely pick up a quarterback in the upcoming draft. Henne is no long-term fix. But he’s going to play a huge part in how the front office evaluates the talent on the team. There’s a difference between watching tape of players led by a talent-less fool with hippie hair reminiscent of Sunshine from Remember the Titans, and a quarterback who…well, plainly, can actually throw.

3) The Dallas Cowboys are next year’s team. Look for them to tease the hell out of their fans with a win in Philly, and then trip on a camera wire in Cincinnati the week after, causing QB Tony Romo to shit himself while losing 30 yards before the game even starts.

Too much talent, not enough wins to show for it. It’s time for this team to be revamped from top to bottom, putting pieces together that actually form a complete unit. Coach Jason Garrett is not the right man to run this team as he’s offensive-minded and is better suited calling plays for that one phase of the game. Although, it’s not all his fault.

Football is not a sport where you just toss big name players together and expect results (for more info, see how well it turned out for Philadelphia). Owner and GM Jerry Jones can see the talent when scouting, but he does not have the vision of men like the Raven’s Ozzie Newsome. Newsome has built a juggernaut in Baltimore that is regularly competing for a Super Bowl every year. He hasn’t just randomly picked up guys who can run and catch. He’s much more methodical in choosing players who will work well in a clearly defined scheme that he wants to be run. Jones is far too enticed by speed and spectacular big-play ability without thinking in regards to how they will fit with his team’s already established players and skill sets.

Jones recently had a petition sent against him to the White House by a fan in Dallas, requesting the removal of Jones from both the ownership and GM positions. If that’s not a signal that it’s time to change, then good luck with the apocalypse, bro.

4) Jim Harbaugh is a quarterbacking god. Look for him to summon a win from the heavens with his angry glare of wisdom.

I feel bad for San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith. The guy goes 19-5-1 since the start of 2011, leads his team to an appearance in the NFC Championship Game, busts out of the gate again in 2012 in helping the 49ers become a powerhouse in the conference, and then…loses his job after being out ONE GAME with a concussion. Such is life in the NFL. “But wait,” you say, “wasn’t he cleared to play the next game after?” He certainly was. But his replacement, and potentially the future of the franchise, quarterback Colin Kaepernick was chosen to start over Smith (after his dominant play against the stalwart defense of the Chicago Bears) by head coach Jim Harbaugh, who seems to have a little farm team of quarterbacks developing under his watch. The man is insane; who else would have the balls to go with their back up quarterback, knowing full well that their successful and proven starter is healthy and ready to pick up where he left off? Only Harbaugh.

It’s working, to the hidden dismay of Smith. Two wins for Kaepernick already, and another is coming against a declining defense in rival St. Louis. If Colin can lead this team to the NFC West title, and potentially some postseason success, it may spell the end of Smith’s time in San Francisco.

I hear Canada is nice around this time of year. Next headline, “SMITH TD TO SOME CANADIAN GUY, WINS THE GREY CUP, EH”.

5) Despite the large leads that division leaders in the AFC have, there is still no clear Super Bowl favorite. Look for the Patriots, Ravens, Texans, and Broncos to try and separate themselves from each other.

My Super Bowl pick this year was, and still is, the Houston Texans. They seem like the most complete team in the league, not just the conference. Quarterback Matt Schaub does everything that he can to help this team win when they’re struggling, and he’s proven that he can win games with his arm. Running Back Arian Foster is still one of the scariest dual running-receiving threats in the NFL and is playing smart football. They benefit from a great defense lead by defensive end J.J. Watt, who is tearing the league apart with sacks, tackles for losses, and batted passes. This team is built tough, so look for them to completely dismantle the Tennessee Titans this week.

But in terms of a firm contender, we still don’t know how the Texans would fare against a red-hot Denver offense led by some guy named Peyton Manning. Manning has this team in prime position for a Super Bowl appearance, and at this point it would be a serious upset if they don’t win at least two playoff games. Houston doesn’t play Denver this season, but they may meet in the postseason. Who knows what could happen?

And what about a Houston-New England match-up? The Patriots have averaged 43 points a game since their Week 6 loss in Seattle and quarterback Tom Brady could very easily take advantage of Houston’s linebackers, who are quietly suffering after the loss of Brian Cushing to a season-ending ACL tear (which, by the way, was gruesome). That would be a hell of a game, and again, it could happen, making my point that there’s no clear front-runner.

The only game I see Houston winning every time this year is against the Ravens, who they thumped in Week 7, 43-14. The Ravens’ loss of future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis and cornerback Lardarius Webb have left the team relying on the offense led by quarterback Joe Flacco to win games. Thus far, they’ve done well, excluding the Houston game. But they’re far from a sure bet. 

By the way, how in the hell did Baltimore RB Ray Rice pull that run out on fourth-and-29?? He must have finally gotten accepted to Hogwarts, sneakily using a Patronus Charm to keep the mean Chargers defenders away from his route.

Yeah. That’s it.
That’s it from me! Tune in tomorrow to read up on why I think the Super Bowl is getting ridiculously…actually, let’s savor the suspense.

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Some Changes

It’s been a hectic week and a half for me and I’m sorry I haven’t posted as often as I should have been. I’ve been doing some thinking and we’re going to be revamping the site and the content of our posts going forward.

For starters, the weekly awards are going away now (as you can see on the home page tab).

Quick Hits after Sunday Night Football are now going to become a regular assignment for Will and I as we push forward through the battle zone that is playoff seeding.

Top Ten Things To Look Out For is now going to be the Top Five TTLOF every week before Thursday Night Football.

And finally, there will be a column piece every Friday Night starting this week on different aspects of the NFL as we move into a more muddled-ruled league.

Thanks for being patient with us as we begin to adapt the site to our abilities and your interests. We appreciate the support and hope to keep entertaining y’all with some podcasts, articles, and other miscellaneous bull-squirt.

The Art of Ice

The pressure of adversity does not affect the mind of the brave man… It is more powerful than external circumstances.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that you should never make irrational decisions. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and certainly decisions under pressure shouldn’t be made without thought, a plan, and complete calm.

That ain’t how the NFL works. Not for a quarterback on the 40-yard line with one timeout, 30 seconds on the clock, and whose team is down by four. Need a touchdown here.
The art of keeping cool is a skill that can’t be taught, and is a major reason of success for the best quarterbacks in the league. When you think of John Elway, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, or more recently Eli Manning, you can come up with a million reasons as to why they’re the best. But the most important one, and the one that is unanimously agreed upon? They’re clutch. They’ve won with their backs against the wall, with the crowd closing in, and their teammates looking at them in the huddle waiting for the alpha male to lead them to victory.

Stress can shorten a human being’s life, and there is no stress quite like operating a fourth-quarter comeback in the NFL. You like pressure? Be a quarterback.

Super Bowl XLII: Eli Manning: Clutch Version 1.0 is born.

It’s not an exact science, you can’t see clutch capabilities when you’re scouting rookies, no matter how stupendous a talent evaluator you might be considered. Until they’re put into a professional two-minute drill, where the game is faster than in college, you can’t know how superior a guy is when you’re team is really going to need him. And that’s the problem for a lot of teams when drafting quarterbacks, especially in the modern NFL. When taking into account the higher rate of close games this season, it’s more integral to a team’s success than ever before that their quarterback is money in the most important quarter of the game. It will only get harder and more crucial for teams to have players with these intangibles.

Real Talent…and Stuff

You can find the gunslinger with a rocket for an arm who can get you 50+ yard plays on a regular basis. You can scout the dude with legs like pistons who can gun it down the field for big gains. Hell, you can hire a young buck who folds in the pocket more often that you’d like, but produces big at times. 

The Modern King of the art that is
 Clutch Quarterbacking, Tom Brady.

But unless they can pull out wins for you in the fourth quarter, you’re lost.

Sure, you can make the argument that quarterbacks who put up an abundance of points on your opponents and tuck the game away before the fourth are just as important. But tell me this: how many times have you seen a quarterback single-handedly drop 30, 40, or even 50 points on teams game after game, season upon season? You come up with one, and I’ll draw a massive “L” on my head with a Sharpie and walk around with it for a day. Legit.

It’s far more efficient and efficacious to have your offense run by someone who maybe doesn’t toss points onto the scoreboard like championship darts, but can consistently find ways to win any kind of game. Your boy should be able to keep up with even the best. Of course, a quarterback can’t just have anyone on offense to win games, he needs talent around him. But the best make everyone around them look good. And so, if a quarterback is able to make do with what he has, and effectively play to his teammates skills, you will always have a chance to win. There’s no denying that when your offense is directed by someone who knows what he’s doing, you won’t hold fear as often as those with sub-par fourth-quarter leaders.
Hey, isn’t that John Candy?

Joe Montana on the game winning drive
 in Super Bowl XXIII.

…is what Joe Montana said in the huddle, in Super Bowl XXIII, pointing down the field to famous TV star with 3:10 left on the clock, down by three, and 92 yards of green grass between them and the end zone. What transpired after this huddle was an 11 play drive down the field against a top-5 defense in the Cincinnati Bengals in 1988, and a last second touchdown to John Taylor to win the game. And what happened before that touchdown play solidifies any counter to criticism of Montana’s icy blood. He threw a pass that was nearly intercepted in the end zone, very close to being the biggest error in NFL history. Rather than losing his cool or getting nervous or jumpy after that ball, Montana instead threw a high bullet to Taylor in the back of the end zone.

You read that right, believe me. It still eats me inside when I see that Bengals cornerback drop that sure interception. Then, maybe the Bengals wouldn’t have been such a disappointment for two decades after.

Wishful thinking, I don’t know. I digress.

But here, Montana is in one of the most nerve-wracking situations that a human being could handle, and he’s clowning around in the huddle and lightening the pressure of the situation for all 10 of his teammates. For him to be so calm and collected with so much adversity is, to this day, still one of the most astonishing things about his legacy.

When we talk clutch, we talk ice. We talk about how emotionless, focused, and completely unconscious quarterbacks are of the importance of the place they have been put in. One bad pass can ruin offensive momentum for the rest of the drive. One interception, and the game is over. One bad sack for a big loss, and you’ve lost a down that could have resulted in the game-winning touchdown. So many of these thoughts could enter the mind of any normal human being not playing the game, and often they would hinder the person’s ability to effectively operate and come out successful. But not for the clutch. No, all they can see is the next play, and after each one, how much closer they are to the end zone. It’s this mentality that makes being clutch so hard. As I said before, it’s not a skill that can be learned like jumping rope. Certainly, then, if it can’t be learned, it can’t be taught. It’s all in a person’s head how they interpret their current situation. They aren’t there for the money, or the fame, or the glory. In that moment, they are there because they earned it, and now they have to finish the job. They are transfixed on the mission that must be completed

It’s much easier said than done.
Be You Clutch?

I pose this question to YOU: If there’s a moment in time when you can remember one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever had to make, would you take back some of it? Most of it? Would you change your choices completely?

If the answer is yes to any of these, you’re not clutch. Never look back, keep looking forward, and your goals will be right there for you to achieve.

Welcome to the world of ice.

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Quick Hits: Week 10

Here are some easy-to-chew-on thoughts on the outcomes of Week 10:

1) The Bears are in trouble if Jay Cutler misses more than just the San Francisco game next week. Jason Campbell is certainly capable of filling in during Cutler’s absence, but Cutler is the guy who makes that offense click. He and Brandon Marshall have tremendous chemistry that dates back to their Denver days. Campbell will struggle to make it work with the same effectiveness.

2) Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets are dead in the dirt. Not a single offensive point against a tough Seattle defense and allowing 28 points to an offense directed by rookie Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) is mind-numbing. The Tebow experiment is a bust, and broke any kind of offensive rhythm the Jets could have had. It’s over for Gang Green, who are playing like they have gangrene. Gross.

3) Houston seems to be able to win all types of games. Minus the Green Bay debacle at home, the Texans are complete enough to compete in any game against any team. Arian Foster is a ground game king, and Matt Schaub does just enough to keep the offense moving forward. And with some seriously hard-hitting players on defense, this team is going to the Super Bowl. It would be a huge upset if they didn’t.

4) What’s that sound? I-I-It sounds like…uncontrollable weeping? Oh, it’s just Norv Turner in a corner by himself at Qualcomm. It’s time for a coaching change in San Diego, their performances this season are just terrible. It’s a damn shame, too, with so much talent on both sides of the ball.

5) Speaking of coaching changes, Andy Reid has pretty much sealed his own enveloped pink slip. The Eagles are one more loss away from a complete revamping of the franchise. The entire roster will have to be evaluated, along with the coaching staff and the front office. Jeffery Lurie, after all the money spent on superstar free agents in the 2011 offseason, expected positive results, and the Eagles took a dump on his front porch in return. Yes, it’s that bad.

6) Miami may have to wait a season before thinking playoffs. They were brought back down to earth as the Tennessee Titans dropped 31 points and held them to 3. Ryan Tannehill tossed three INT’s along the way and reminded us of the fact that it’s still his first season. And Joe Philbin didn’t do his offense any favors by pulling offensive lineman Richie Incognito out to discipline him after a costly penalty, and then doing the same to Reggie Bush after a fumble. This team is still growing.

7) The Lions still kill themselves with self inflicted wounds that are always avoidable. Calvin Johnson finally got a big ticket game with 207 yards receiving and the first Stafford-Megatron TD pass of the season, but letting Christian Ponder take over, and win, that game devoid of Percy Harvin is not very inspiring.

8) Big Blue doesn’t look AT ALL like the team that ripped the playoffs apart last year. Eli Manning hasn’t tossed a touchdown since Week 7, and the run game is in no way Plan B. With the Cowboys winning in Philly and having a favorable schedule the rest of the way, the Giants need to get back to their way of power and clutch football…and soon.

9) The league’s emphasis on offense is finally touching the running game. Run-oriented offenses are prospering against pass-heavy teams, and it’s rightfully returning to prominence in the national eye. Adrian Peterson’s big 170+ yard day with a pair of TD’s helped power the Vikings past the run-less Lions who rely on their passing attack to win games for them. I’m so glad the NFL is no longer so frustratingly one-dimensional.

10) The Falcons aren’t undefeated anymore. Not surprised at all. I know, yesterday I said they’d drop a few dozen points on the Saints, but New Orleans had a couple of very good defensive stands that nobody saw coming and they crushed their rival’s hopes of staying perfect. In the end, though, it might be a blessing in disguise for Atlanta; the weight of trying to stay perfect is out of the picture, and now they simply focus on winning home-field advantage in the NFC.

11) My 11th Hit is dedicated to the brave men and women in our Armed Forces who put their lives on the line for you and I every day to protect America and everything we stand for. We love you, salute you, hope you come home safe, and pray for you and your families. Thank you.

(Kind of-ish) Weekly Chat: Brees vs. Brady

and omfg
if Rex Ryan doesn’t pick up his sack and play Tebow i will fly over there and crack him in the face
believe me, the more often the Jets win or stay close, the less chance Tebow has of playing
lost cause bro
did you see his wildcat this week though
now that’s why i watch football
12 yards on 4 rushes?
no thanks
4 yards per rush?
not too bad
better than LeShoure this week
jeez that guy got his face mangled
the Bears had him on a string
the bears had the entire offense on a string
thanks to them, calvin johnson caught squat and I won my fantasy gamegrin
btw Madden Curse is legit
he’s not hurt, he’s just not very good
same diff, i guess
i guess a small part goes to the fact Stafford has less accuracy than a 4 year old with a shotgun
If Jim Schwartz had more control of that team, they wouldn’t 2-4, they’d be 4-2
the guy can’t control his own temper
let alone that team
it’s sad really
Stafford deserves better
does he though? is he that good?
he’s always ‘underachieved’
basically a nice way of saying dude
you’re crap
we just can’t accept it
5,038 yards last year, 40+ TD’s, 500 yards on the ground, 68% accuracy.
The guy is good in the right situation
yeah fair enough
to be honest, i haven’t seen him in the right light just yet
he’s just been injured so often that last year seemed like an enigma
that entire team can be a playoff team
yeah fair call
probably actually one of my top 5 disappointments
the Lions
Suh needs to straighten his act, that secondary needs to get better, Mikel LeShoure needs to stop being such a Fumbleroony, Megatron needs to produce, Titus Young isn’t a pitbull without an owner he needs to set it straight for himself.
Jeez they got their asses handed to them
and also
Ravens aren’t disappointing. They got caught in a horrifying injury situation
I say no, there are more disappointing teams
oh no i was asking your opinion
trust me i love the ravens
Ray Rice is unbelievably good
what, whether they’re playoff bound?
Flacco is frustratingly awkward
is he good or isn’t he?
no just their situation right now
it’s horrible. That whole team is falling apart. The defense can’t sustain if Lewis is out and Suggs is at, what, 75%? At best? Plus, with Lardarius Webb being out now, that secondary is going to get THRASHED by whoever they play. They just don’t have the above par talent necessary to be where they were pre-Cowboys game. The offense can’t pick it up unless they involve Ray Rice a lot more. Flacco needs support, he’s not Manning or Brady. He can throw the deep ball, but they need Rice to be a threat to keep opposing defenses true. Otherwise, you can sayonara to the Super Bowl, and possibly even to a playoff win if the Texans game told us anything.
Yeah tbh it’s a deathly thought but
Ray Lewis might have to hang up his boots
will he get Canton?
1000000000000% yes
if he doesn’t get voted in on his first ballot, i would be shocked
yeah London Fletcher?
if the experts are as professional as they appear, he should be a first-balloter, too
otherwise, he’ll be recognized sooner or later
just maybe not right away
how about Aaron Rodgers?
see he’s won how many superbowls?
his completion rate is pretty impressive
i’d say yes
but he’s got a few more years yet
I think the same. I mean, what if he totally tanks from here to the end of his career? then everything’s up in the air
oh yeah defenintely
he’s not a sure thing
big question
Eli Manning?
Yes. After everything he’s been through as a QB in one of the toughest towns to play in, in the shadow of his superstar brother, with more 4th-quarter comeback victories in three seasons than any other QB in league history, he’s earned it.
one would hope so
he is in my books one of the most elite QBs in the modern era
and easily one of the most underrated
He still is! I can’t believe it! People STILL bet against him! Especially against RG3 this week, it’s ridiculous/
RG3 is good i mean *round of applause*
but Eli is so clutch
and then just wins
he is the only QB i’ve seen who if he turns up in the right mindset
he actually just wins a game
no scary moments
just does it
have you seen his face when he’s pulling those comeback from between his butt cheeks? cool as ice, not even furrowing his eye brows.
the guy is freaky
the guy is a born QB
all the shit they say about Peyton
he hasn’t shown me near enough as Eli
oh and everyone seems to forget the ring count
Eli 2 Peyton 1
i’m gonna say it
you can’t stop me
Eli is better than Peyton
No Doubt about it
Peyton and Eli are both at EXACTLY the same place. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, yet he’s considered better than Eli and Peyton. Why? Not because of Super Bowls, but because as a quarterback, he was the best.
how good was Marino?
not that you ever watched him
but yeah how good was he
I’ve watched heaps of NFL Films spots on the guy. He was Manning before Manning. Raw stats, franchise QB, one of the greatest offensive football players ever. His 5,084 yards and 48 TDs (both records at the time) 1984 campaign, where he led the Dolphins to 14-2 and a Super Bowl appearance, in his SECOND season, is still considered the greatest full season performance by a QB.

Even Rodgers’ 2011 season doesn’t hold up.

Also consider that Marino played in a time where QB’s no matter who they were were hit routinely and receivers could be hit past the 5 yard margin

Brett Favre won a Super Bowl, yet he’s considered better than Eli despite Eli’s 2 wins BECAUSE Favre was consistently better for longer. Eli struggled for the first four years of his career. Favre WON in the first four years of his career. And Peyton Manning is considered better than Favre. No basis
i mean i never really watched much about Marino
Favre was good, he just came back
and no one comes back good
Peyton is alright but again he’s getting older
and yeah Eli started poorly
and first impressions are huge
i mean people STILL want Cam Newton to excel
OK, before we get into the Newton argument (that could take years), I ask you this, and all I need is a yes or no to make a point: does Ben Roethlisberger belong in the Hall of Fame?
Canton is for great careers
not great seasons
Ben has 4 more 4th-quarter wins than Eli, an extra Super Bowl appearance, a better winning percentage, a better all-time record, and consistently one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL for the last eight years…EIGHT. Why then is Eli worthy of Canton?
and Ben not?
same premise as Marino
He’s just a good QB
Marino never won a Super Bowl
Ben yeah he was good
but he’s just not amazing
he’s been seriously good
like he’s had hall of fame seasons
but not good enough, it’s a tough call
because he’s been good
but i dunno
not a tough call. Both belong in the Hall of Fame. Roethlisberger isn’t horrible one year and amazing the next like Michael Vick. He’s annoyingly consistent, which gets you the Hall.

But both Mannings are at exactly the same place. Peyton has the MVP trophies and the stats and records. Eli has the comebacks and the Super Bowl wins. Maybe one more championship out of Eli and he and Brady will duke it out for the best of the best, because Brady is truly one of the best QBs of all time

Oh Brady is on a whole other level
6th round draft pick
came from NOWHERE
and look now
two MVP seasons
one close to undefeated season
and one undefeated
a string of super bowls
There’s a difference between sure-fire hall-of-famer and borderline entry
yeah And Brady is sure fire
there will be an absolute riot if he’s not Hall of Fame
Brady, Peyton, and I think Brees are surefire hall of famers
Nobody surpasses Brees’ tenure with the Saints. No QB has ever been as productive
for one team, i mean
oh yeah
apart from Brady
not even Brady.
Brees has more passing yards than Brady since 2006
in no six year stretch has Brady outplayed Brees
but take into account
that six year stretch
elaborate on Brees v Brady on this six year stretch
who’s the MVP
if we’re talking pure stats, Brees. If we’re talking Super Bowls, Brady. If we’re talking about importance to their team, Brees. If we’re saying leadership, Brees. On field, Brady. Off field Brees.

Brees 3, Brady 2.

correction: 4-2*
importance to their team?
dude, may I point to the year 2008?
Matt Cassel in the hizzhouse
I’m sorry, they have the talent to make a lot people look good
doesn’t devalue brady, but the offense is geared so well, he looks like a madden player. anyone else in there can still win
I would love to have Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch, Steven Ridley, AND Brandon lloyd to throw to
Who does Brees have? Lance Moore, Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston…that’s it. And he’s STILL putting up MVP numbers.
And Brees is 6’1″ while Brady is 6’4″
Jimmy Graham
And Brady has two
gronk AND hernandez
Colston is nobody without brees
Well neither is welker
but they are because they have the best QB’s in the game
I’ll bet anything Welker would be superstar in the short game with RG3
right now
i’m not talking years down the road
but he’s getting thrown to by brady
same as colston and brees
you can’t be putting colston in the same class as welker!
welker is way better and is a slot receiver, not a numero uno option
well to what point does the QB influence a WR stats
…I guess you’d have to look at Yards After Catch numbers
because then you could say Brady is better because Welker is better
whoever has the least means their QB is more important to their team than the other
but averages
not total
Welker has been around longer
yeah, i’m going to look at that now
just this season, we’ll see
intense discussion right here
Wes Welker is Number Two in averages. Colston isn’t even in the Top 40
what about when he was throwing to Meachem?
c’mon man! That’s a maaaaassive margin!
Meachem doesn’t show up either
there is no way Brees is better
not last season
Meachem is playing for the chargers
im looking all-time. the only Saints receiver that shows up is Lance Moore in the top 40.
and I mean, 33
i still don’t think Brees is better
i’m sorry
He’s got nothing on Brady’s consistency
EVERY season
same with Brees! EVERY season!
what about the chargers years?
^considering he came back from a rotator cuff injury with the Chargers to do what he’s done with New Orleans, I’ve solidified my point
Pass attempts 5,506
Pass completions 3,521
Percentage 63.9
TD–INT 308–116
Passing yards 41,429
QB Rating 96.6
TD–INT 295-152
Passing yards 42,462
QB Rating 93.9
Passing Attempts 5,715
Completions 3,752
Completion Percentage 65.7%
as of week 5
so yeah all time
…this whole thing started when I said six-year stretch
not all time
Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
Brady wins
Brady’s been lucky enough to play with the same team his entire career, under the same coach, with the same offensive system, and relatively the same core players.
Brees has been kicked out of San Diego because some young gun named Rivers, has gone through three different coaches, has run four different offensive systems, with almost an entirely new core offensive players in every change
I still give the edge to Brees
Dude Brees got injured and had to comeback
Look at Brady’s consistency
and he’s stayed on the field for majority of his career
I’d say with the difference in the amount Brady and Brees run the ball under pressure and the amount they throw makes Brady’s ACL tear nothing compared to Brees’ rotator cup. I tore all three once: ACL, MCL, and PCL. I can still run at the same speed as before my injury. On the other hand, rotator cup tears are infamous for causing terminal arthritis in a lot of patients
the entire world would back me over you
Brady is a household name as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time
he’s created a dynasty
Brees has not done that
*people in the Bayou are sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches on Bourbon Street*
while every NFL supporter outside of Bayou want you to write down this whole conversation roll it up and eat your words
he’s the best
the winningest QB since ages ago
…just to be clear, how many Super Bowls has he won in the last eight years? Almost a decade?
my memory is still fuzzy three years after celebrating on Bourbon Street
How many has he made it to?
And Brady since his last win? A whole two. And lost both. To a Manning. Both times not able to score more than 17 points. Whereas Brees and the Saints went to 31. That’s the amount the Pats scored in both Super Bowls COMBINED
Two superbowls
ok and Brees made it to?
One Super Bowl, beating Peyton Manning. Who, if I remember correctly, Brady couldn’t beat in Manning’s Super Bowl season.
one superbowl
he’s won one
made it to one
Brady has made it to?
and won
AND won?
Miami was unsure if Brees’ shoulder was completely healed and doctors suggested the team not sign him because of the injury.[16] The Dolphins ended negotiations and traded for Minnesota Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper instead. Brees signed a 6-year, $60 million deal with the Saints on March 14, 2006.
Let me play this out for you. It’s the 2001 season, and Brees and Sean Payton become first timers in their respective jobs. Brees is the starting QB with an illustrious career at Purdue under his belt. Payton, one of the greatest offensive minds ever in the NFL, is leading the team. They come together and in that season, blank the St. Louis Rams with their dual passing game with Joe Horn and their running game in the regular season, and then going on to beat them in the NFC Championship game. Who do they face? Brady and the number 15 offense in the league, being carried by the number 8 defense. That’s year one. You fit Payton (who is a former quarterback) with Brees, you get answers. Same thing happened with Alex Smith in San Fran with Harbaugh last year. Same thing happened with Brady and Belichick, in New england. You put a smart coach with a smart QB, it all works.
You give Brees and Payton to the Saints in 2001, you’ve got a three way rivalry with Manning, Brees, and Brady.
Under the real circumstances, I salute you for your favoritism of Brady
But you give Brees a full career in one city where he’s been an incredible human being on and off the field…you get the greatest QB in the history of the NFL, hands down
oh yeah
if he had been as he is now throughout his whole career
he is the best
I like Brees better than Brady mainly for two reasons: 1), how much of a douche does Brady have to be to live like a friggin Hollywood movie star while the rest of the NFL live like normal-ass Americans?  And 2), in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I don’t see Brady taking as much pride in his city as Brees did considering that he lives the way he does across the country from Boston.
of course he would’ve
he’s can be a jerk
but he’s the best QB in the modern era
taking personalities aside
he’s a special guy
Brady doesn’t hold a dime to Brees. Not on the field, not off the field. Stats, ok, Brady is better in some respects. Super Bowl’s? Yes, Brady has more (Brees still has 5 good years left in him, so watch out). But before you call him the best, I suggest you look outside of the playing field to see who’s the best. It’s not all about raw numbers. It’s about the character of a player, too.

And that sir, is how they pick Hall-of-Famers

he’s a winner
Yeah but off the field it’s the Love to Hate of Brady that makes him famous
that makes him the person he is now
He’s in a family guy episode
Brees hasn’t had that honor
Family Guy argument beats all
you realize we’re going around in circles now, right?
pretty much

Top 10 Things To Look Out For: Week 10

Coldplay in action. What a show!

To the fans who follow us, we’re truly sorry for not posting more regularly. It’s been a hectic week for Will and I. Will broke his ankle and that “obviously” debilitated his writing ability. He’ll have a post coming soon. As for me? Work, work, and COLDPLAY CONCERT. They’re my favorite band of all-time and they put on the greatest concert I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.

But, we’re not here for the concert details. If you are, check out @aceing82 for another show picture.

We’re here for football! And we’ve got some crazy playoff story lines heading into Week 10. The Eagles are slipping away, Leon Washington is facing his old team in the New York Jets, and the Bears are forming a new-look, ferocious takeaway defense. Let’s delve into the events that await us:

1) Houston vs. Bears could be a potential Super Bowl preview. If you have NFL GamePass, keep this in the corner of your screen while you watch anything else. If there’s one thing every NFL fan knows, it’s that despite the power of offenses in the NFL, defense is still what makes champions in this league. Almost all of the Super Bowl contenders this year have D’s that keep them in games and these two juggernauts are no exception. Lovie Smith’s unit has the Bears winning consistently, with just one loss the Packers before their emergence. They will definitely win the next match-up and be in control of the division for the rest of the season. And the Texans, no matter how good Andrew Luck’s Colts are looking, have a dominant all-around team that can pulverize even the best. Whom ever comes out with the win here can be sure that they’ll have to up their level of play and disguise their schemes more thoughtfully if they face off again. With two Defensive Player of the Year candidates on both sides of the ball (J.J. Watt for Houston, Charles Tillman for  Chicago) this has the look a really exciting game.

2) The Colts are going to the playoffs behind Andrew Luck’s historic rookie season. Luck keeps them in games and is proving all the preseason predictions of him right. He’s a game operator who can change the course of his team’s fortunes at any point of the game. Yes, he’s still a rookie, so I don’t expect a deep playoff run (although I wouldn’t be surprised by a wild-card win). But the guy is amazing, and will be for a long time in the league. If there’s a team in the league that is already getting hot at the right time, it’s these guys, and the fact that were able to handily dismantle a Jaguars team that has been a perennial confidence-builder for opposing teams is a huge positive. #IndyIsLegit

3) The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming back, and another win can only re-emphasize that. With an easily winnable game against the dismal Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers are on a road that could make them a strong candidate to win the AFC North, after a slow start to their season and a possible hole they could have dug themselves in with Baltimore taking over in the driver’s seat of the division. Ben Roethlisberger is running the short passing game effectively in OC Todd Haley’s new scheme in Pittsburgh and can ride on this scheme along with their annoyingly-consistent defense into the playoffs.

4) The Giants are slowing down drastically on offense. And in Cincinnati, they need to get back to their driving ways. Eli Manning has been held without a TD pass in two of their last three games, and as the pilot of the offense, he needs to start revving the engine a little more. The Bengals are on a four-game losing streak, and their defense is not winning anything for them. This will be a huge opportunity for New York to prove that they can efficiently exploit bad defenses and win on both sides of the ball. Jason Pierre-Paul is still a dominant force on the other side along with Justin Tuck, Osi Umeniyora, and Mathias Kiwanuka. But this team is built to win late in games, and last week’s lost to Pittsburgh was a huge disappointment. This will be their first chance to regain some momentum before they start to slip into the middle of the divisional pack in the NFC East.

5) Tampa Bay has a chance to firmly establish their new-found explosiveness in San Diego. Head Coach Greg Schiano was looking like a first-year bust with the Buccaneers through Week 6, with the team at 2-4 in a lost NFC South. But lately, rookie RB Doug Martin and QB Josh Freeman have the team winning tight games with a lot of points on the board. Martin had a historic game in Oakland with 262 yards rushing, 4 TD’s, and a new entrance into the talks for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Their defensive secondary is also making some noise with takeaways in the fourth quarters of games to solidify some much needed wins. All of a sudden, they could be in the thick of the NFC wild-card race. San Diego hasn’t been outstanding, and the Bucs could have a big win coming for them if they play a solid, 60-minute game in all three phases.

6) Dallas vs. Philadelphia will prove which team sucks more. Both Michael Vick and Tony Romo are at about a level 6 V/FPG (Vick-Caliber Fails Per Game). Romo, for his ability to make his team tease their fans into thinking they can win tight games. And Vick…well, the damn scale is named after him, isn’t it? Both teams are heading into NFL oblivion this season and the loser will, for all intents and purposes, be out of the NFC wild-card race. It’s a game that really isn’t going to play a huge factor in January, but will surely affirm which team will need more work. As of now, Philly HC Andy Reid looks like he’ll lose his job and Vick might be on the bench as well. For the ‘Boys, HC Jason Garrett may be replaced with an outside candidate (far-fetched possibilities include Sean Payton and Jon Gruden). Will all due respect, these teams can be playoff contenders will obvious talent and unlocked potential. But it’s not like they’re losing for no reason.

7) Oakland may actually have a winnable game in Baltimore. I’m not saying I would pick them with even $10 dollars on the line, but certainly with the injuries on the Ravens’ D, Carson Palmer has a chance to shred them the way he did Tampa Bay’s last week. Palmer showed that he can still play at an elite level, minus the turnovers, and can lead this team. But he’ll really have to show up with Darren McFadden likely not playing this week with an injury. Baltimore is still going to the favorite, but I wouldn’t call them heavy favorites. If Oakland can generate pressure on Joe Flacco and not give him a chance to shoot the deep ball to Torrey Smith, and hold Ray Rice at the line, then it opens up a chance for Palmer to be the hero. There’s cracks in Baltimore’s shield, and the Raiders could take advantage.

8) Denver will be unstoppable this week. I couldn’t care less about what any remaining critics might have to say about Peyton Manning’s neck, the guy is back, and in a big way. In Carolina, with a struggling all-around team, they’ll be primed to drop a few dozen points on the black-and-blue jerseys and start a clean record in November. The offense looks like the one the Colts had in 2009 with Manning still in Indy blue: young, raw, but with respect for authority. The authority? It’s still the sheriff. Manning, playing with perhaps a little less zing to his throws than in years’ past, is on his way to one of his best statistical seasons, heading towards 4,808 yards and 40 TD’s. With the Panthers’ defense less than intimidating look, look for heavily one-sided games.

9) Speaking of one-sided games, Matty Ice vs. New Orleans’ defense is going to be ugly. New Orleans’ defense is being rolled flat by opposing offenses (with the exception of the lackluster Eagles) and that doesn’t look like it’ll stop with Atlanta on the menu. Matt Ryan (a potential MVP), Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Michael Turner form a unit that will stop at nothing the crush their rivals into the ground so far down that they’ll be in Beijing by January, asking little Chinese women where the playoffs are. Drew Brees will really have to keep pace with Atlanta, which won’t be a monumental task for an elite quarterback like himself. But it’s do-or-die for the Saints right here, and if they can’t match the Falcons point-for-point, then they can greet 2013 a little early with open arms.

10) New England put up 52 against Buffalo last time, so how much will it be this time? I love me some points. Points make the NFL go ’round, they make people’s heads spin in the clutch and in one-sided affairs. The Patriots are skilled at both. Tommy Brady will be out to ramp up the speed and ferocity of an offense that also ran up the score in London to 45 against a declining St. Louis defense. I think I might know a prediction here…62-7. No, wait…62-3. NOPE, hold on here…the score is 62-0 with about 1:30 left on the clock, and Brian Hoyer, the Pats’ backup QB, feels so bad for the Bills that he simply runs backwards and “accidentally” steps out of bounds in his own end zone and feigns disgust with himself, while Mario Williams and the defense all rally around their hero for allowing them half a fantasy point for their “dedicated” owners who couldn’t unload the unit in time for this week.

Yep, some wacky story lines here. Enjoy Week 10, and we’ll be back with some Quick Hits on Sunday Night!

Ten Things To Look Out For: Week 9

We’re back! Hope everyone’s had a great week! Exams are finally f***ing over, and Will and I couldn’t be happier. Enough of the useless crap, though; onto the football!

With Week 9 having started on Thursday with the San Diego Chargers dismantling of the worst team in the league in the Kansas City Chiefs (that’s not even close to impressive). Russell Wilson is making huge strides in an expanded offense, RGIII is facing off against his media-appointed brother Cam Newton of the woeful Carolina Panthers, the teasing Cowboys will try to knock off the 7-0 Falcons, and The Eagles are facing a huge test against another bottom feeder in the N’Awlins Saints. 

In the other half of the league, Peyton Manning has returned to his MVP-caliber play, the Steelers are making themselves relevant for the first time this season, and the Texans are looking more and more like the Super Bowl contender that everyone was expecting this year.

We’re about to see some serious football from this week on. Playoff spots are now on the table and up for grabs. The league has so much parity this year and it’s only going to help the cause of a larger amount of competitive games. 

Welcome to the madness.

Ten Things To Look Out For
1) Mario Williams is frustrated with the Texans success without him, and he’s out for blood. 

Wade Phillips is a defensive mastermind, and living without one of your best pass rushers from last year would be a fancy plate of crap in anyone else’s hands. What Phillips did last year in turning that defense around so drastically was massive, and what he’s done without Williams and Cushing to keep his unit competitive deserves a lot of recognition. But Williams isn’t going to let something like jealousy simply be a limiting factor for him. He’s not happy that his year has been so lackluster after the blockbuster move that the Bills made to grab him. They’re one of the worst run defenses in the league, and it’s like occasional guest appearances when they get to the quarterback. Williams is going to be firing on all cylinders when he faces his old team on Sunday, and it ain’t gon’ be pretty.

2) Mike Vick has his head in Philadelphia’s guillotine. It’s go time. 

Against an underwhelming Saints’ defense, Vick will have to be electric to spark anything for his offense. He’s a smart player who knows that the offense will start with him on every play. LeSean McCoy will be seeing a lot of carries against an historically horrible run defense, but Vick will have to step up on the big passing plays that can exploit the Saints. With the talent that the Eagles have on both sides of the ball, it’s incredible that Andy Reid hasn’t made more of it. But if Vick can collect some confidence with a few big plays to his faster-than-fast receivers, my money is on Mike’s V/FPH (Vick Fails Per Hour) to be lower than even Matt Cassel’s. And that’s cutting Vick a break.

3) The Cowboys are in their make or break game of the year. 

This is it. It’s either the start of a resurgence or the end of the road for Jerry Jones’ wonder team. It’s so horrible to think that if Dallas can’t defeat Atlanta, the season will be out of their grasp for good. Forget window of Super Bowl opportunity, how about actually showing some cajones and saving any kind of positive energy around them? If the ‘Boys lose, they’ll be 3-5 on the season, and the New York Giants will effectively run away with the division in the palm of their hands. Jerry Jones has not done a good enough job as an owner to effectively up the talent of this team to the point of balance. Sure, you have DeMarcus Ware as one of the best pass rushers in the history of the league, but you don’t have a secondary that can come up big in the biggest moments of games. You have Romo, Murray, Austin, Bryant, and Witten on the offense, but how lucky are you to have such talent when that talent has won a humongous, intimidating total of ONE playoff win in Romo’s time behind center? It’s now or next year for this team. They’ve shown they can stay in games. But if they can’t win, they aren’t good. Period.

4) How ’bout DEM Dolphins? How ’bout DEM Colts? How ’bout…playoff implications? Seriously? 

They’ve surpassed minuscule expectations from pundits around the league and both teams are doing it with rookie quarterbacks. Andrew Luck is on pace for 4,000+ yards, and Ryan Tannehill is a full on master of the no-huddle, things that are going to keep both quarterbacks relevant for years forward. Both have kept their teams in a weak playoff race in the AFC and both face off in Indianapolis. This game will be crucial in scaling both quarterbacks against each other. Granted, Tannehill is nursing a bruised thigh, but it’ll be a test to see how far along both teams have gotten to as well, since the Dolphins went 6-10 and the Colts went 2-14 last year. And the craziest part about it is that whoever loses will still be in a good position to grab a playoff spot. Even crazier? How hot RT1’s wife is. <– That'll be my highlight reel.

5) “My waaaaalls are falling, they’re crumbling dowwwwn…” is the song the Cardinals are singing. 

Say hello to one of the biggest collapses of the season. After going undefeated at 4-0, Arizona has lost four straight. Look, it’s not like we didn’t expect the Cardinals to fall at some point. And you’re bullshitting me if you’re going to say that you even expected them to have won four games by now. They’ll be looking to salvage their season against a rejuvenated Green Bay team, so it doesn’t quite look like a vase of roses. The Cards’ defense has been overachieving this season, playing some good, hard-nosed football, but the offense has been…well, they’ve been like a unicorn: possible in theory, yet imaginary and unreal. With Aaron Rodgers playing like last year’s MVP again, and Clay Matthews terrorizing quarterbacks (and considering all the sacks Arizona’s O-line has given up, ‘Getcha Popcorn Ready’), the Cards are looking at a game that could define everything they are. They’re either 9-7 and possible playoff contenders, or they’re 6-10 and plummeting back to the cellar that everyone predicted they would inhabit at the beginning of the season.

6) There is no number six. Six never existed. It’s a figment of your imagination, like Sasquatch. You’ve heard of the number six, but your only proof is your kindergarten teacher telling you so. What the hell did they know? All they did was send you into timeout when you misbehaved and made you count to 20 as a timer. They taught you the number six to add one imaginary second to prolong your pain and suffering in that corner. Using six is a cruel practice. Using six is the reason for the recession. Using six causes catastrophe. Let’s not invite more insanity into our lives. Accept it, and move on.

7) Peyton Manning returns with the ferocity of a real Bronco, so let’s watch him shred defenses with dull scissors. 

It’s the awakening. The re-realization that Peyton is still Peyton. That he drinks WD-40 like soda to keep his gears clean and devoid of rust. The guy is ageless. Brett Favre is rolling in his grave at this thought. Wait…right, he’s just in Mississippi…well, I mean that’s pretty much death already…ANYWAYS, Manning is showing that he still hasn’t lost his skills in playing the game. He’s in the thick of the MVP race, a Comeback Player of the Year candidate along with Adrian Peterson, and showing his Sheriff mentality on the sidelines with the offense, taking control of a young team ready to listen to one of the wisest football players in the game. With a winnable date in Cincinnati looming ahead, Manning could be set to have one of his most explosive games of the year. If Manning can get the offense moving fast, Andy Dalton and the Bengals have no shot in this game at all. Manning is here, and he’s almost assuredly going to be here in late-January.
8) If Baltimore can show some talented depth on their defense, watch them destroy the league. 

For any team, it’s hard losing one of your best players on either side of the ball. It’s even harder when you lose two. But when it’s your Pro Bowl-caliber cornerback and the 17-year leader of your defense, things can turn to shit quickly. That’s the problem that the Ravens are facing from here-on-out. They were destroyed in Houston, and now they’re up against a Cleveland Browns team who have shown serious nut sack against the Chargers, Colts, Bengals, and the Ravens themselves this season. If the Ravens are good enough to be in the Super Bowl, it will because they have depth at important positions. Without players who can step up in the spotlight, Baltimore can either settle for a low seed as a division winner (barely), or just as easily say goodbye to hope this season.
Side Note: If Flacco sucks as much as we think he does, there won’t even be a discussion about whether he’s elite, whether Baltimore is a Super Bowl contender, or whether the Ravens should start looking to draft someone for him to compete with next season. I’m that serious now.

9) If they can’t win in Jacksonville, count the Detroit Lions out of any sort of playoff contention. 

I reckon the Jaguars are like the unofficial measurement of sucking in the NFL. You score 20 and hold them to 15, your defense did its job, your offense sucks. You score 40 and you allow 28, vice-versa. And, you lose, you suck in general and it’s time to consider firing your GM. Matt Stafford is a great quarterback, and it doesn’t get mentioned enough. With Megatron under the Madden Curse (not being injured, just not being productive), he’s found Titus Young as a solid target to trust in clutch situations. Stafford will be the start, middle, and finish of this team’s games for the rest of the season. The defense is alright, not great. They have a match-up against a horrible team with an unimpressed fan base and that should play in the Lions’ favor, regardless of the Jags’ effectiveness. If the Lions can’t win this floozy of a game, then they’re doomed to fall into the garbage of the NFL.

10) This is the Houston Texans moment.

If there’s one game that will define the the dominance of Houston as the best all-around team in the league, it’s this one. At first glance, it looks like a one-sided affair. You’re goddamn right it is. But just how one-sided it is will be dependent on Gary Kubiak’s ability to completely dismantle and exploit every facet of Buffalo’s “defense” and Wade Phillip’s unit stuffing the Bills in every way possibly. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a pretty average quarterback with the ability to win games on occasion, which means that keeping him under 200 yards and a TD with maybe one or two INT’s will still be a massive accomplishment. Should be pretty easy with J.J. Watt leading that formidable defensive line in batting down anything resembling a football. It’s the moment that the Texans are looking at as a backyard football game with really unfair teams.

Houston, meet 7-1 and prime candidacy for Super Bowl favorite.