(Kind of-ish) Weekly Chat: Brees vs. Brady

and omfg
if Rex Ryan doesn’t pick up his sack and play Tebow i will fly over there and crack him in the face
believe me, the more often the Jets win or stay close, the less chance Tebow has of playing
lost cause bro
did you see his wildcat this week though
now that’s why i watch football
12 yards on 4 rushes?
no thanks
4 yards per rush?
not too bad
better than LeShoure this week
jeez that guy got his face mangled
the Bears had him on a string
the bears had the entire offense on a string
thanks to them, calvin johnson caught squat and I won my fantasy gamegrin
btw Madden Curse is legit
he’s not hurt, he’s just not very good
same diff, i guess
i guess a small part goes to the fact Stafford has less accuracy than a 4 year old with a shotgun
If Jim Schwartz had more control of that team, they wouldn’t 2-4, they’d be 4-2
the guy can’t control his own temper
let alone that team
it’s sad really
Stafford deserves better
does he though? is he that good?
he’s always ‘underachieved’
basically a nice way of saying dude
you’re crap
we just can’t accept it
5,038 yards last year, 40+ TD’s, 500 yards on the ground, 68% accuracy.
The guy is good in the right situation
yeah fair enough
to be honest, i haven’t seen him in the right light just yet
he’s just been injured so often that last year seemed like an enigma
that entire team can be a playoff team
yeah fair call
probably actually one of my top 5 disappointments
the Lions
Suh needs to straighten his act, that secondary needs to get better, Mikel LeShoure needs to stop being such a Fumbleroony, Megatron needs to produce, Titus Young isn’t a pitbull without an owner he needs to set it straight for himself.
Jeez they got their asses handed to them
and also
Ravens aren’t disappointing. They got caught in a horrifying injury situation
I say no, there are more disappointing teams
oh no i was asking your opinion
trust me i love the ravens
Ray Rice is unbelievably good
what, whether they’re playoff bound?
Flacco is frustratingly awkward
is he good or isn’t he?
no just their situation right now
it’s horrible. That whole team is falling apart. The defense can’t sustain if Lewis is out and Suggs is at, what, 75%? At best? Plus, with Lardarius Webb being out now, that secondary is going to get THRASHED by whoever they play. They just don’t have the above par talent necessary to be where they were pre-Cowboys game. The offense can’t pick it up unless they involve Ray Rice a lot more. Flacco needs support, he’s not Manning or Brady. He can throw the deep ball, but they need Rice to be a threat to keep opposing defenses true. Otherwise, you can sayonara to the Super Bowl, and possibly even to a playoff win if the Texans game told us anything.
Yeah tbh it’s a deathly thought but
Ray Lewis might have to hang up his boots
will he get Canton?
1000000000000% yes
if he doesn’t get voted in on his first ballot, i would be shocked
yeah London Fletcher?
if the experts are as professional as they appear, he should be a first-balloter, too
otherwise, he’ll be recognized sooner or later
just maybe not right away
how about Aaron Rodgers?
see he’s won how many superbowls?
his completion rate is pretty impressive
i’d say yes
but he’s got a few more years yet
I think the same. I mean, what if he totally tanks from here to the end of his career? then everything’s up in the air
oh yeah defenintely
he’s not a sure thing
big question
Eli Manning?
Yes. After everything he’s been through as a QB in one of the toughest towns to play in, in the shadow of his superstar brother, with more 4th-quarter comeback victories in three seasons than any other QB in league history, he’s earned it.
one would hope so
he is in my books one of the most elite QBs in the modern era
and easily one of the most underrated
He still is! I can’t believe it! People STILL bet against him! Especially against RG3 this week, it’s ridiculous/
RG3 is good i mean *round of applause*
but Eli is so clutch
and then just wins
he is the only QB i’ve seen who if he turns up in the right mindset
he actually just wins a game
no scary moments
just does it
have you seen his face when he’s pulling those comeback from between his butt cheeks? cool as ice, not even furrowing his eye brows.
the guy is freaky
the guy is a born QB
all the shit they say about Peyton
he hasn’t shown me near enough as Eli
oh and everyone seems to forget the ring count
Eli 2 Peyton 1
i’m gonna say it
you can’t stop me
Eli is better than Peyton
No Doubt about it
Peyton and Eli are both at EXACTLY the same place. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, yet he’s considered better than Eli and Peyton. Why? Not because of Super Bowls, but because as a quarterback, he was the best.
how good was Marino?
not that you ever watched him
but yeah how good was he
I’ve watched heaps of NFL Films spots on the guy. He was Manning before Manning. Raw stats, franchise QB, one of the greatest offensive football players ever. His 5,084 yards and 48 TDs (both records at the time) 1984 campaign, where he led the Dolphins to 14-2 and a Super Bowl appearance, in his SECOND season, is still considered the greatest full season performance by a QB.

Even Rodgers’ 2011 season doesn’t hold up.

Also consider that Marino played in a time where QB’s no matter who they were were hit routinely and receivers could be hit past the 5 yard margin

Brett Favre won a Super Bowl, yet he’s considered better than Eli despite Eli’s 2 wins BECAUSE Favre was consistently better for longer. Eli struggled for the first four years of his career. Favre WON in the first four years of his career. And Peyton Manning is considered better than Favre. No basis
i mean i never really watched much about Marino
Favre was good, he just came back
and no one comes back good
Peyton is alright but again he’s getting older
and yeah Eli started poorly
and first impressions are huge
i mean people STILL want Cam Newton to excel
OK, before we get into the Newton argument (that could take years), I ask you this, and all I need is a yes or no to make a point: does Ben Roethlisberger belong in the Hall of Fame?
Canton is for great careers
not great seasons
Ben has 4 more 4th-quarter wins than Eli, an extra Super Bowl appearance, a better winning percentage, a better all-time record, and consistently one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL for the last eight years…EIGHT. Why then is Eli worthy of Canton?
and Ben not?
same premise as Marino
He’s just a good QB
Marino never won a Super Bowl
Ben yeah he was good
but he’s just not amazing
he’s been seriously good
like he’s had hall of fame seasons
but not good enough, it’s a tough call
because he’s been good
but i dunno
not a tough call. Both belong in the Hall of Fame. Roethlisberger isn’t horrible one year and amazing the next like Michael Vick. He’s annoyingly consistent, which gets you the Hall.

But both Mannings are at exactly the same place. Peyton has the MVP trophies and the stats and records. Eli has the comebacks and the Super Bowl wins. Maybe one more championship out of Eli and he and Brady will duke it out for the best of the best, because Brady is truly one of the best QBs of all time

Oh Brady is on a whole other level
6th round draft pick
came from NOWHERE
and look now
two MVP seasons
one close to undefeated season
and one undefeated
a string of super bowls
There’s a difference between sure-fire hall-of-famer and borderline entry
yeah And Brady is sure fire
there will be an absolute riot if he’s not Hall of Fame
Brady, Peyton, and I think Brees are surefire hall of famers
Nobody surpasses Brees’ tenure with the Saints. No QB has ever been as productive
for one team, i mean
oh yeah
apart from Brady
not even Brady.
Brees has more passing yards than Brady since 2006
in no six year stretch has Brady outplayed Brees
but take into account
that six year stretch
elaborate on Brees v Brady on this six year stretch
who’s the MVP
if we’re talking pure stats, Brees. If we’re talking Super Bowls, Brady. If we’re talking about importance to their team, Brees. If we’re saying leadership, Brees. On field, Brady. Off field Brees.

Brees 3, Brady 2.

correction: 4-2*
importance to their team?
dude, may I point to the year 2008?
Matt Cassel in the hizzhouse
I’m sorry, they have the talent to make a lot people look good
doesn’t devalue brady, but the offense is geared so well, he looks like a madden player. anyone else in there can still win
I would love to have Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Deion Branch, Steven Ridley, AND Brandon lloyd to throw to
Who does Brees have? Lance Moore, Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston…that’s it. And he’s STILL putting up MVP numbers.
And Brees is 6’1″ while Brady is 6’4″
Jimmy Graham
And Brady has two
gronk AND hernandez
Colston is nobody without brees
Well neither is welker
but they are because they have the best QB’s in the game
I’ll bet anything Welker would be superstar in the short game with RG3
right now
i’m not talking years down the road
but he’s getting thrown to by brady
same as colston and brees
you can’t be putting colston in the same class as welker!
welker is way better and is a slot receiver, not a numero uno option
well to what point does the QB influence a WR stats
…I guess you’d have to look at Yards After Catch numbers
because then you could say Brady is better because Welker is better
whoever has the least means their QB is more important to their team than the other
but averages
not total
Welker has been around longer
yeah, i’m going to look at that now
just this season, we’ll see
intense discussion right here
Wes Welker is Number Two in averages. Colston isn’t even in the Top 40
what about when he was throwing to Meachem?
c’mon man! That’s a maaaaassive margin!
Meachem doesn’t show up either
there is no way Brees is better
not last season
Meachem is playing for the chargers
im looking all-time. the only Saints receiver that shows up is Lance Moore in the top 40.
and I mean, 33
i still don’t think Brees is better
i’m sorry
He’s got nothing on Brady’s consistency
EVERY season
same with Brees! EVERY season!
what about the chargers years?
^considering he came back from a rotator cuff injury with the Chargers to do what he’s done with New Orleans, I’ve solidified my point
Pass attempts 5,506
Pass completions 3,521
Percentage 63.9
TD–INT 308–116
Passing yards 41,429
QB Rating 96.6
TD–INT 295-152
Passing yards 42,462
QB Rating 93.9
Passing Attempts 5,715
Completions 3,752
Completion Percentage 65.7%
as of week 5
so yeah all time
…this whole thing started when I said six-year stretch
not all time
Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
Brady wins
Brady’s been lucky enough to play with the same team his entire career, under the same coach, with the same offensive system, and relatively the same core players.
Brees has been kicked out of San Diego because some young gun named Rivers, has gone through three different coaches, has run four different offensive systems, with almost an entirely new core offensive players in every change
I still give the edge to Brees
Dude Brees got injured and had to comeback
Look at Brady’s consistency
and he’s stayed on the field for majority of his career
I’d say with the difference in the amount Brady and Brees run the ball under pressure and the amount they throw makes Brady’s ACL tear nothing compared to Brees’ rotator cup. I tore all three once: ACL, MCL, and PCL. I can still run at the same speed as before my injury. On the other hand, rotator cup tears are infamous for causing terminal arthritis in a lot of patients
the entire world would back me over you
Brady is a household name as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time
he’s created a dynasty
Brees has not done that
*people in the Bayou are sharpening their pitchforks and lighting their torches on Bourbon Street*
while every NFL supporter outside of Bayou want you to write down this whole conversation roll it up and eat your words
he’s the best
the winningest QB since ages ago
…just to be clear, how many Super Bowls has he won in the last eight years? Almost a decade?
my memory is still fuzzy three years after celebrating on Bourbon Street
How many has he made it to?
And Brady since his last win? A whole two. And lost both. To a Manning. Both times not able to score more than 17 points. Whereas Brees and the Saints went to 31. That’s the amount the Pats scored in both Super Bowls COMBINED
Two superbowls
ok and Brees made it to?
One Super Bowl, beating Peyton Manning. Who, if I remember correctly, Brady couldn’t beat in Manning’s Super Bowl season.
one superbowl
he’s won one
made it to one
Brady has made it to?
and won
AND won?
Miami was unsure if Brees’ shoulder was completely healed and doctors suggested the team not sign him because of the injury.[16] The Dolphins ended negotiations and traded for Minnesota Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper instead. Brees signed a 6-year, $60 million deal with the Saints on March 14, 2006.
Let me play this out for you. It’s the 2001 season, and Brees and Sean Payton become first timers in their respective jobs. Brees is the starting QB with an illustrious career at Purdue under his belt. Payton, one of the greatest offensive minds ever in the NFL, is leading the team. They come together and in that season, blank the St. Louis Rams with their dual passing game with Joe Horn and their running game in the regular season, and then going on to beat them in the NFC Championship game. Who do they face? Brady and the number 15 offense in the league, being carried by the number 8 defense. That’s year one. You fit Payton (who is a former quarterback) with Brees, you get answers. Same thing happened with Alex Smith in San Fran with Harbaugh last year. Same thing happened with Brady and Belichick, in New england. You put a smart coach with a smart QB, it all works.
You give Brees and Payton to the Saints in 2001, you’ve got a three way rivalry with Manning, Brees, and Brady.
Under the real circumstances, I salute you for your favoritism of Brady
But you give Brees a full career in one city where he’s been an incredible human being on and off the field…you get the greatest QB in the history of the NFL, hands down
oh yeah
if he had been as he is now throughout his whole career
he is the best
I like Brees better than Brady mainly for two reasons: 1), how much of a douche does Brady have to be to live like a friggin Hollywood movie star while the rest of the NFL live like normal-ass Americans?  And 2), in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I don’t see Brady taking as much pride in his city as Brees did considering that he lives the way he does across the country from Boston.
of course he would’ve
he’s can be a jerk
but he’s the best QB in the modern era
taking personalities aside
he’s a special guy
Brady doesn’t hold a dime to Brees. Not on the field, not off the field. Stats, ok, Brady is better in some respects. Super Bowl’s? Yes, Brady has more (Brees still has 5 good years left in him, so watch out). But before you call him the best, I suggest you look outside of the playing field to see who’s the best. It’s not all about raw numbers. It’s about the character of a player, too.

And that sir, is how they pick Hall-of-Famers

he’s a winner
Yeah but off the field it’s the Love to Hate of Brady that makes him famous
that makes him the person he is now
He’s in a family guy episode
Brees hasn’t had that honor
Family Guy argument beats all
you realize we’re going around in circles now, right?
pretty much

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