Quick Hits: Week 10

Here are some easy-to-chew-on thoughts on the outcomes of Week 10:

1) The Bears are in trouble if Jay Cutler misses more than just the San Francisco game next week. Jason Campbell is certainly capable of filling in during Cutler’s absence, but Cutler is the guy who makes that offense click. He and Brandon Marshall have tremendous chemistry that dates back to their Denver days. Campbell will struggle to make it work with the same effectiveness.

2) Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets are dead in the dirt. Not a single offensive point against a tough Seattle defense and allowing 28 points to an offense directed by rookie Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) is mind-numbing. The Tebow experiment is a bust, and broke any kind of offensive rhythm the Jets could have had. It’s over for Gang Green, who are playing like they have gangrene. Gross.

3) Houston seems to be able to win all types of games. Minus the Green Bay debacle at home, the Texans are complete enough to compete in any game against any team. Arian Foster is a ground game king, and Matt Schaub does just enough to keep the offense moving forward. And with some seriously hard-hitting players on defense, this team is going to the Super Bowl. It would be a huge upset if they didn’t.

4) What’s that sound? I-I-It sounds like…uncontrollable weeping? Oh, it’s just Norv Turner in a corner by himself at Qualcomm. It’s time for a coaching change in San Diego, their performances this season are just terrible. It’s a damn shame, too, with so much talent on both sides of the ball.

5) Speaking of coaching changes, Andy Reid has pretty much sealed his own enveloped pink slip. The Eagles are one more loss away from a complete revamping of the franchise. The entire roster will have to be evaluated, along with the coaching staff and the front office. Jeffery Lurie, after all the money spent on superstar free agents in the 2011 offseason, expected positive results, and the Eagles took a dump on his front porch in return. Yes, it’s that bad.

6) Miami may have to wait a season before thinking playoffs. They were brought back down to earth as the Tennessee Titans dropped 31 points and held them to 3. Ryan Tannehill tossed three INT’s along the way and reminded us of the fact that it’s still his first season. And Joe Philbin didn’t do his offense any favors by pulling offensive lineman Richie Incognito out to discipline him after a costly penalty, and then doing the same to Reggie Bush after a fumble. This team is still growing.

7) The Lions still kill themselves with self inflicted wounds that are always avoidable. Calvin Johnson finally got a big ticket game with 207 yards receiving and the first Stafford-Megatron TD pass of the season, but letting Christian Ponder take over, and win, that game devoid of Percy Harvin is not very inspiring.

8) Big Blue doesn’t look AT ALL like the team that ripped the playoffs apart last year. Eli Manning hasn’t tossed a touchdown since Week 7, and the run game is in no way Plan B. With the Cowboys winning in Philly and having a favorable schedule the rest of the way, the Giants need to get back to their way of power and clutch football…and soon.

9) The league’s emphasis on offense is finally touching the running game. Run-oriented offenses are prospering against pass-heavy teams, and it’s rightfully returning to prominence in the national eye. Adrian Peterson’s big 170+ yard day with a pair of TD’s helped power the Vikings past the run-less Lions who rely on their passing attack to win games for them. I’m so glad the NFL is no longer so frustratingly one-dimensional.

10) The Falcons aren’t undefeated anymore. Not surprised at all. I know, yesterday I said they’d drop a few dozen points on the Saints, but New Orleans had a couple of very good defensive stands that nobody saw coming and they crushed their rival’s hopes of staying perfect. In the end, though, it might be a blessing in disguise for Atlanta; the weight of trying to stay perfect is out of the picture, and now they simply focus on winning home-field advantage in the NFC.

11) My 11th Hit is dedicated to the brave men and women in our Armed Forces who put their lives on the line for you and I every day to protect America and everything we stand for. We love you, salute you, hope you come home safe, and pray for you and your families. Thank you.

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