Some Changes

It’s been a hectic week and a half for me and I’m sorry I haven’t posted as often as I should have been. I’ve been doing some thinking and we’re going to be revamping the site and the content of our posts going forward.

For starters, the weekly awards are going away now (as you can see on the home page tab).

Quick Hits after Sunday Night Football are now going to become a regular assignment for Will and I as we push forward through the battle zone that is playoff seeding.

Top Ten Things To Look Out For is now going to be the Top Five TTLOF every week before Thursday Night Football.

And finally, there will be a column piece every Friday Night starting this week on different aspects of the NFL as we move into a more muddled-ruled league.

Thanks for being patient with us as we begin to adapt the site to our abilities and your interests. We appreciate the support and hope to keep entertaining y’all with some podcasts, articles, and other miscellaneous bull-squirt.

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