The Clinchers, The Hunters and The Playoffs. Round 2

Hey everyone! It’s Will here, back in action. With the playoffs getting closer and closer, LFTP (Let’s Forget The Politics) is going to analyze and route the postseason picture as it clears up through to Week 17. Let’s see what we’ve got now:

Coming out of Week 14, we’ve got a clear playoff idea. Three weeks to go, and we know for sure we’re going to see the Broncos, the Patriots, the Texans and the Falcons, sadly I can’t revere how right I am with no new additions this week. Then we have those who are next in line to clinch a playoff berth which are the usual suspects with a few suprises 


Falcons: (11-2)
Oh No…. Is all I can say. I’m face palming hard enough that if I keep doing it, I’ll be permanently disfigured. This team has it. They’ve got the super bowl potential but if they keep playing like they did against the Panthers this week they are almost completely written out of my Superbowl prophecy. Superbowl? 70% 

Houston Texans: (11-2) 
BRADY! BRADY! BRADY! Will be permanently ringing in these guy’s ears because he put on a clinic this week and made the Division powerhouse look like a herd of calves with their tails between their legs. 14-42 now that’s a punchline. Superbowl? 50%.

Patriots: (10-3) 
BRADY! BRADY! BRADY! I hate repeating myself between articles but you’ve got to take your hat off to him. He almost single handedly beat the high flying Texans team into oblivion. I remember after the game the commentators made a bold statement that I’d have to agree with. Brady is easily the best QB of this day. However can one go as far to say this guy is the best QB of all time? Superbowl? 80%.

Broncos: (10-3) 
They Played Oakland and won. Just doing their job. This is a nice stable team with a good balance and they’re showing it. They have the Ravens, Browns and Chiefs for the next three weeks. That’s all I have to say. 60%.

Hunters: (The teams I think, out of all the possibles, can make the cut) 


Jets: (6-7) 

Baltimore are finished. Sorry to break it to you. This week was their week to take a victory and prove their power and tenacity to get over injury issues and they failed to capitalize. Bad news for all you Tim Tebow fans out there but it looks as if this bum running Mark Sanchez is gonna scrape into the playoffs. MAYBE! He is the highest chance I can see, blatantly because of their schedule and the fact that this week they claimed a victory they needed against Jacksonville. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the team with every NFL fan screaming for the Jets not to make the playoffs. 10%

Colts: (9-4) 

The Colts win a game they were meant to win. Nothing special to say Andrew Luck claims another and goes onto next week and has the Colts nibbling at their playoff slice. They are the only reason they would miss the playoffs this season. They’ve got the Chiefs in their schedule and one has to make note of the Texans in the past few weeks. 40%.

Bengals: (7-6)

One point. This team lost by one point. That’s certainly not a reason to see them as dropping out of contention right now and certainly not with their schedule against the Dwindling Eagles and the Wingless Ravens. The Steelers, if Big Ben’s injury contains him, will be easier to conquer. The Bengals hang on in my book.  20%.


49ers: (9-3-1)

I’m gonna say playoff berth and division clinchers (sorry Arneet…again). They win again against the Dolphins as expected. To be honest this team is probably the most predictable team. They win the games they are expected to and they lose games that are a challenge. It’s difficult to predict. Damn it Harbaugh I wanna be excited. 60%.

Packers: (9-4) 

Packers comeback. Aaron Rodgers showed us what he and the Packers are capable of. Granted it was against a bad Detroit Lions side, but there is no reason to take a good win away from these guys and they’ve got a…meh schedule ahead of them. 50%.

Bears: (8-5) 

Oops. You guys underestimated the Vikings didn’t you? AP claims another victim. He rushed for 154 yards off 13 carries. He cut the Bears to ribbons, which is sacrilegious to my beliefs. Nonetheless, they still have the playoffs in their grasp. 70%.

Seahawks: (8-5)

58-0. What more can I say. I tweeted Arneet (@aceing82) this week, congratulating his team on a stellar performance against an absolutely horrible Cardinals team. They would have achieved more by just forfeiting. You get 2-0. Again, the Seahawks beat another team into submission and secured a spot in the playoffs…in my opinion.  60%.

Redskins: (7-6) 

I don’t care what you all think, RGIII is the guy (although there’s probably only a few critics left by now). He’s the rookie to take this team to the Super Bowl. Well at least that’s what I want. I want this guy to take this team to the Super Bowl because it will be exciting for the whole game. The Super Bowl ads will be eclipsed by the game, which is almost unheard of! After downing the Ravens this week as well, I do not doubt this kid for a second. I’m leaving this as is. He’s just the guy! 60%

Knocked Out: 

Baltimore: See Jets ^ 

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