Hunters, Clinchers, and the Playoffs: Week 15

Hey everyone! It’s Will here, back in action. With the playoffs getting closer and closer, LFTP (Let’s Forget The Politics) is going to analyze and route the postseason picture as it clears up through to Week 17. Let’s see what we’ve got now:

Coming out of Week 15, we’ve got a clear playoff idea. Two weeks to go, and we know for sure we’re going to see the Broncos, the Patriots, the Texans, the Falcons, the 49ers and the Packers. Apologies to the Ravens you guys made it, superbly done. Then we have those who are next in line to clinch a playoff berth which are the usual suspects with a few surprises.
Falcons: (12-2)
Well…didn’t they show their worth again this week. Keeping the Giants to zero. I take everything I said back. That’s becoming quite a feature with downing the Falcons: they disappoint you one week and then blow you away the next. Ultimately they have to take the NFC title game to OT and win, then the Superbowl will be a blowout. Right? Superbowl? 70% 
Houston Texans: (12-2) 
Playing a passionate Indianapolis Colts team and winning isn’t easy but I give props to the Texans for doing it. They really showed their own this week and showed that they can carry a win for 60 mins. Exactly what they need as we inch closer to these coming playoffs. 50%.
Patriots: (10-4) 
We all agree that the AFC  is weaker than the NFC this year. We all agree that Tom Brady is but one man and can’t win every game. There, that explains the loss to the 49ers. New England experienced this week the odds that were stacked against them, and they couldn’t over come them. That does not however leave them in any worse spot than last week. They’re still a top Superbowl contender in my book. 80%.
Broncos: (11-3)   
Denver have to go up in my ranking this week. This team is mind blowing as Peyton Manning comes back a year after his neck injury and is looking serious for absolute glory this year. Here I am, thinking Eli is the greater QB. Peyton is the guy. I’ve never seen a sportsman like him. They also beat Baltimore this week which is no surprise. They’re like my ankle, Broken. 60%.
49ers: (10-3-1)
This team is, as expected, excelling at being a threat to every team they play and, as expected, have clinched their deserved playoff berth. Now we just move on to next week as they will and as I will predict they will claim that victim on their playoff warpath. Beating the Patriots as well was the confidence boost they needed to become invincible. Maybe. 60%.
Packers: (10-4) 
Packers clinch a playoff berth. I really don’t need to explain this. No one is scratching their head and screaming at their TV, HOW THE HELL! The Packers made the playoffs. They are one of the elite teams and recently they’ve truly shown it. They’re not one of the best this year but they’re up there. They also did just claim a victory over the recently lackluster Bears.   50%.
Hunters: (The teams I think, out of all the possibles, can make the cut) 
Colts: (9-5) 
Lost to a vicious Texans team this week, but after the hiding they received from the Patriots last week the Colts were dealt the worst hand in the deck. However, there were some shining moments and none of us truly thought that Luck would take these guys all the way, but he’s taking them somewhere and that’s just fine. 40%.
Bengals: (8-6)
Coming from a 1 point loss to a 21 point hiding over Philadelphia is really no surprise to any of us. Philadelphia is awful and Cincinnati is decent. It was written in stone when the announcers welcomed the fans to the television broadcast. In regards to the playoffs, I think these guys only need another win and they’ll have clinched their berth. Good Luck, Bengals. I’m rooting for you. 20%.

Bears: (8-6) 
C’mon Bears. We all want to see this defense in the Playoffs someone to challenge the opposing offenses not this crap you guys are playing. They got beaten by Green Bay and they bloody well deserved it. At this rate I’m becoming worried about my support for this team’s playoffs hopes.70%.
Seahawks: (9-5)
50-17. What more can I say. This team guys, this team. They beat teams to their knees and keep them there permanently. They are so fearsome that I can imagine shaking knees in the opponents dressing room before that starting whistle. Two weeks in a row they have embarrassed their opponents by just scoring and preventing the opposition absolutely from scoring. Much like Arizona last week the Bills suffered this horrible fate. 60%.
Redskins: (8-6) 
Well without RG3 they still won. If my calculations are correct, then this team has the chance to really rocket through the playoffs if they can play without RG3… with him on the team if you understand what I’m saying.  If they can do that they can beat almost anyone. Almost. 60%
Knocked Out: 

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