A Negative Opening

A Negative Opening

I really need to vent…which is part of the reason I’ve created a WordPress account tonight, sitting in my university library while I should be doing research for my essay due next week.

Fuck it. The news I read today on buzzfeed.com has pissed me off to no end. Seriously getting annoyed and disheartened with the types of people who are allowed to have Twitter accounts, spreading their useless hate and uneccessary, un-informed opinions.

Before people talk trash, they need to know what and who they’re trashing.

I am proud to call myself an American, even though my heritage is Indian. But seeing these tweets is making me question why┬áI’m so proud of America. Take a look at the link, and then go on and read ahead:


They say “This is America”? Well, in America, people respect the individual and don’t judge based on the color of their skin. That’s what Martin King wanted. That is what America has worked so hard to make the norm. “The Arab wins Miss America”? She’s Indian-American. Just because her skin color is brown doesn’t make her an Arab. It doesn’t make her any less of an American. And it doesn’t make her any less deserving of an award like this one.

And being Arab doesn’t mean a person is automatically a terrorist. It means they’re Arabian, a culture covering multiple nationalities. Arabians are of a wide range of ethnic groups and nationalities in middle eastern Asia, not a collective terrorist group.

People need to get off their asses, do their research, learn what they are talking about, and only THEN put forth their opinions. All these tweets just look like mindless chatter from an ignorant group of people who, I’ll bet anything, are in the 90% range of immigrants from other countries dating back to the 1600’s and even further. America is a melting pot of people who all have a right to live without the fear of being subjected to insults regarding their heritage and beliefs.

I am proud to call myself an American, even though my heritage is Indian. But seeing these tweets is making question why I’m so proud of America. I know that the majority of Americans, and people around the world, are not so ignorant to what goes on around them. So still, I’m not ready to give up hope that one day, reactions to someone like Nina Davuluri winning a pageant (A FREAKING BEAUTY PAGEANT) won’t be so horrifyingly prejudice-laden.