After a LOOOONG Delay…

Hello hello! Welcome back to Let’s Forget the Politics: A Fan’s NFL!

I’m going to be honest with you, I haven’t had enough time to spend writing blog posts to keep up with how quickly things are shaping up in the NFL this season. You can thank my university tutors for piling on crap that have no reason to be inserted into my memory bank.

But, I digress…

The 2013 season, while in a version of adolescence, is HOOO MAI GAD amazing! And not just because my Seahawks are 6-1. The best part about this young season is that every team (including the Jaguars, which was weird this week) has a chance to win any game, any given Sunday.

Yeah. Any Given Sunday: the most overused cliche of any sport. But it hasn’t been more true than this season.

Think about it. The Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, and St. Louis Rams are all faltering this season, all below or at .500. But as opposed to other seasons, these teams display the ability to stay in almost all of the games they play and push their opponents, however elite they might be, to the very limits of the their skill levels. I feel like there’s a lot of parity in this league in 2013. Anyone besides the Giants, Steelers, Raiders, and Jaguars have a very good chance to challenge the rest of their schedule and make a push for the playoffs.

That’s not to say that they will, but they certainly show a lot of zeal.

Let’s be honest now, we should move on to the teams that matter this season. Following this sentence, here are my predictions for the playoffs after six weeks of games:


1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Indianapolis Colts
3. New England Patriots
4. Cincinnati Bengals

Wild Card:
5. Denver Broncos
6. Baltimore Ravens


1. Seattle Seahawks
2. New Orleans Saints
3. Detroit Lions
4. Dallas Cowboys

Wild Card:
5. Chicago Bears
6. San Francisco 49ers



B-b-b-b-b-but…this isn’t football! This doesn’t look like 2012!…

Damn straight, minions. This season is full of racehorses that just won’t quit until the camera snaps the picture at the finish line. This year, the team that finishes strongest will definitely make the playoffs. Throw out of the window what you know about the season so far in terms of records. ANY TEAM ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.

Think about it, because you’ll need to. Green Bay is down to two, maybe three healthy receivers. Detroit is playing smarter football. And Jay Cutler’s grizzlies haven’t been the same dominant team that they started the season as. Forget about Minnesota, unless Josh Freeman turns out to be the second coming of Randall Cunningham.

Denver vs. Kansas City? Honestly, I’m going to take Kansas City every time. Why? Peyton Manning hasn’t played a defense quite like the Chiefs’. Baltimore, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Jacksonville. Now, proceed to tell me which of those defenses is on the same level of Kansas City’s this season.

Answer? *chirping crickets*

As good as Denver has been, Manning has been coming down to Earth slowly but surely. Since he torched the Ravens for 7 TD’s, he’s been slowly pacing backwards to an acceptable level of normal Peyton Manning levels, which is still elite, but not good enough to handle the Chiefs’ violent pass rush.

If you have any other reasons to doubt my predictions, don’t call me a bandwagon Seahawks fan. Give me some real reasons. Critique me like a smart person, and I’ll be happy to tell you why, at season’s end, this is going to be the closest, most accurate prediction on the web.

I won’t go Namath and guarantee it, but you know the drill.

And I’ll be happy to apologize if my rankings somehow make you alter your Fantasy Football rosters as well. I ain’t no guru, just a man on a couch.

Next week, I’ll tackle the reason why this year’s division showdowns won’t feature second-stringers no one has ever heard of. Welcome back, and stay tuned!

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