Seattle Seahawks: Why Winning Ugly is OK

Clemons chasing Clemens…or…Clemens on…yeah, this game was weird.

The Seattle Seahawks, a team with talent enough to destroy teams like the St. Louis Rams, played an ugly game on offense and still won on the last play of the game thanks to Legion of Boom member, CB Brandon Browner.

Mother of God that was an ugly game. But Seattle won.
It’s not easy winning in the National Football League. All games are tough to win in any sport. So winning ugly is still winning. And this game was like that one girl/guy at the school dance with acne all over their face, outdated glasses, and braces bigger than their actual teeth.
Ok, maybe that’s only real in the movies, but you get what I mean.
Winning ugly is not a bad thing. Winning at all is still winning. Ugly victories show flaws and changes that need to be made for both teams, and they are far more valuable as teaching points than blowouts. Teams who win these games become painfully aware of their shortcomings and truly understand that they have to make changes to ensure that they don’t allow the game to be decided by the other team in the last seconds. They relish the win for a moment, but the reality settles in that they could just as easily have lost the game, it still means that adjustments need to be made.
Golden Tate’s 80-yarder was the difference in
a divisional stalemate.

By ugly, I completely mean it was a hard fought, skilled, physical battle between two very good defenses, and the attacks from each team made plays when they needed to…most of the time. Seattle’s 80-yard touchdown from quarterback Russell Wilson to receiver Golden Tate was the deciding play of the game. Without that blown coverage in the Rams’ secondary, the Seahawks’ inability to move the ball offensively would have been the number one story of the game, because they certainly would have lost the way they played tonight.

One could argue that the Greg Zuerlein missed field goal was the actual play of the game. Had Legatron made that 50-yarder, all St. Louis would have needed to do on that last drive was get in field goal range again (which they ended up doing) and kick the game winner through.
And the Seahawks offensive line…*shivers* I wouldn’t call them to guard my house against blowing leaves. They would still let those through. Seven sacks and their start quarterback hurried the entire game? It’s going to be a good feeling when starting tackles Russell Okung and Breno Giacomini come back from injury.

But Seattle is somehow pounding out wins that now have them with a 7-1 record, best in the NFC, and an identity of winning any kind of game; however ugly, however tight, they can win it. Yes, critics will absolutely point to the Indianapolis game that they lost 34-28, but one blemish on an otherwise perfect record points to a team that is imperfect with the tools to overcome those imperfections.
Yes, they let a team with a losing record and a backup quarterback in the starting role keep them from winning big the way they did in Arizona and against Jacksonville. But tell me that Rams defense was bad. Give me one example in which that Rams defense was subpar. The D is relentless, with Chris Long and Robert Quinn destroying offensive lines, especially half healthy ones like Seattle’s. I’ve never seen Marshawn Lynch so irrelevant as a Seahawk before. Seattle’s offensive line was just plain gutted, so neither Lynch nor Wilson were able to get holes or time to make the plays that they’re accustomed to making.
But Seattle pulled out another necessary win.
Kellen Clemens is not quite the answer
at quarterback for the Rams.

This is winning like an elite team still finding its sea legs. Seattle doesn’t shy away from a tough, ground out game. Ugly matchups are a real test to the best of the best because each play means something bigger than it does in matchups that don’t truly challenge a team. The Seahawks are separating themselves from the rest of the league, and in my article about the teams that would survive and win in the Super Bowl in New York this year, I said that they could win if they make it to the big game this year because of the weather.

Wilson was subpar, Lynch was disappointing, and the run defense was non-existent. But they pulled out the win because they are a mentally tough football team that doesn’t give up when they need to make the biggest of big plays.
The following sentence is without bias. This football team, without a doubt, will win the Super Bowl.
With the coaching staff doing such an incredible job mentoring their young players, preparing them for big, primetime games with calmness and promoting team-before-player mentality, this team has what it will take to make the trek through the playoffs and, in what could be the ugliest game of the year, take what they deserve at the end of the season…

…a Lombardi trophy.

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