Sick of This Game


I’m so sick of politics.

I could sit on Twitter for hours trying to defend one side or the other, flinging responses at everyone as visceral and with the same vitriol that some do in the safe confines behind their computer monitors and keyboards.
But I’m so tired. Like, physically exhausted.
The Republican majority in Congress stalemating on a number of issues as simple as nominating a new Supreme Court Justice for no reason other than to oppose Democrats and a Democratic president, Donald Trump throwing out hate rhetoric like it’s candy on Halloween, and Hillary being investigated for months by the FBI for these emails…I’m done.

In 2014, the House of Representatives and the Senate seats were voted on. What did we do? We elected the most lazy, stonewalled, lame duck Congress in history, proven by polls. We had so many candidates to pick from in the primaries on both sides, and what did America do? We picked a racist, sexist, unintelligent potential sex-offender and a woman who, though experienced, is proving to have so many skeletons in her political closet that even her most fierce supporters are starting to question their allegiances.

He even looks like cancer.
Before today, when the FBI announced that they are to continue investigating Hillary Clinton for whatever emails, I was sure of one thing: Donald Trump being sworn in as POTUS would be the first malignant cells to begin the metastasizing of a political cancer in American society and government. Trump as president gives me pause to fear the possibility that, with all of his xenophobic and racist rhetoric, even MY citizenship would come under question. I still believe Trump is not remotely right for the job. Intelligent Republicans have denounced him, and that should have been enough.
Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Attends Meetings With Legislators  On Capitol Hill
Explain away, Hillary.

Hillary was the better candidate in the general election from the moment she was nominated. Yes, her record isn’t spotless because she’s a clever and whip-smart political player (like Frank Underwood in House of Cards). Whatever you may say about her appearance, speaking ability, or potential ability as President, she is perhaps the most experienced and capable politicians to run (even more so than our excellent incumbent). Yet, even I don’t know whether I can trust a politician so experienced in the game. It’s like asking Gordon Gekko to be your stockbroker: one day, they’ll stop pretending that they’re doing this for you.

On top of all of this, the same Congress that was voted for in 2o14 isn’t vying for the American population’s betterment…they’re fighting for self gain and power.

<> on September 21, 2016 in Washington, DC.
A moment of silence for our incompetency.

Mitch McConnell (or Mc-Chode-l) and Paul Ryan don’t care if you have enough money to feed your family, that the US continues to economic growth, or whether the justice system works for all Americans. They just want a Republican frat party in all branches. If they did their jobs at all, President Obama wouldn’t have had such a difficult time creating a universal health care system, bringing unemployment down to it’s lowest figure in 30 years, and essentially ending the war in the Middle East.

In fact, if politicians truly worked for the people, then we would have health coverage for all citizens and student loans wouldn’t be at an all-time high, the poverty line would be lower; the handling of the national debt wouldn’t be a hot topic of debate, instead being reduced through a compromise of ideals and an effort to stabilize continue the growth of our economy to compensate.

All of this is idealism. But politics doesn’t care about that. Politics are all just a game to keep your mind occupied while the issues are debated and never truly dealt with. A lot of talk goes a long way to almost no action with the current political climate.
I believe the email investigation won’t uncover more than what the FBI already didn’t last time, but the idea that politics and politicans, government and government-agencies, and Congress are more interested in tearing down their contemporaries than actually running our country and caring about the American people has completely disillusioned this voter.
I want to vote for a candidate who can create radical change and move the country forward in a political scheme that aims for the betterment of American citizens’ conditions and to ably improve our relations with our allies; one that ensures that domestic policy is less sculpted to preserve our traditions and rather in favor of cultivating a country that continually leads the world in technological advancement, cultural trends, societal harmony, and equal rights for all.

But that candidate doesn’t exist in this two-horse race. Right now, all we have is this do-nothing Congress, a pussy-grabbing reality star, and a former Secretary of State who could potentially lose this election for emails sent from the wrong address…all representing America and Americans all over.

I can’t defend anyone one way or another. But I’m so tired of being exasperated by political scandals, stonewalling, and skirmishing without results. People say that the beauty of a democracy is that everyone has an opinion that can be heard from even the corner-iest of corners, that it creates a more perfect union by allowing the voices of all to influence the direction of the nation.

And somehow, here we are. Fuck this.

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